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Coaches Corner

We are always looking for people to coach in our flag football leagues, camps and tournaments. If you are interested in becoming a flag football coach, please see below for more information and clinics for certification. See below for additional coaching resource material and information links at the bottom of the page.

Why become a coach

Coaching is a great way to be actively involved in sports. Coaching is exciting, satisfying, and keeps you mentally and physically active. It also provides an opportunity to be a positive influence on players, develop communication and interpersonal skills, and most importantly coaching is a lot of FUN!

Role of a Coach

The role of a coach is to be a leader, a teacher, a planner, a mentor, a motivator, a friend and a manager for the players that are being coached.

What being a good coach means

A good coach means leading by example and being a positive influence at all times. Being a good coach is also about making the game fun fand enjoyable for the players. It involves developing a player's confidence and skills. setting + managing players / parents expectations; leading by example; being a role model; teaching respect for the game, teammates, opponents and officials, as well as promoting fair play and sportsmanship.

What experience is required to coach

No previous experience is required to being a coach. If you have prior experience or knowledge coaching football or another sport, or as as a player, parent or fan of football that can be an asset, but it is not essential. All you need is an interest in coaching flag football and a commitment to the players, program and league. The Ontario Flag Football Association is committed to developing coaches with training through a combination of clinics, workshops and evaluation programs.

How do I get started?

If you would like more information or are interested in attending one of the free clinics below, please contact the league.

Do I need to register to coach?

Yes, coaches will need to register for the program or division that they are interested in coaching. Please refer to the Registration web-page for the link to register as a coach.

Do coaches need to register for clinics?

Yes, in order to ensure we have enough materials or space, we ask that you register for clinics. Scroll below to find available clinics to register into.

Coaching Flag Football and On field Clinic

The focus of the clinics are to help coaches develop their knowledge and skills of the game in order to work with athletes to improve their performance. The clinic will be used to review and discuss common drills, skills, offensive and defensive concepts, strategies that are often used in preparation for practices and games. It is also an opportunity to review and discuss flag football rules and interpretations.

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